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Making More Products and Less Waste


Simply Sustain Corporate Philosophy
Simply Sustain is a cutting-edge management consulting firm dedicated to making companies better at making products than making waste. Employing the three-dimensional corporate strategy of achieving harmony among people, the environment, and profitable economic development, Simply Sustain is leading the way into the emerging world of Sustainability.

Simply Sustain Professional Staff
Simply Sustain is supported and led by two founding partners whose over 50 years of Petrochemical experience with corporations around the world makes them one of the world’s leading Sustainability sources.

seetha.JPG  Dr. Seetha Coleman-Kammula
Seetha, one of the founding partners of Simply Sustain LLC, has over 25 years of experience first at Royal Dutch Shell, and later at Basell, a Shell BASF Joint Venture. At Basell she was Senior VP  Strategic Marketing, Innovation & Asset Management and a member of the  Board of Directors of Indelpro (Mexico). At Shell she was Strategy Director (Houston), Director of Technology (Belgium)- both for Epoxy Resins, and Research Scientist (Amsterdam). She received a BS degree from Osmania University, India, a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from Auburn University, and did post-doctorate research at Princeton University where she was also an Instructor. She has been a member of the American Chemical Society and is a current member of the System Dynamics Society and the Sustainability Consortium at Society for Organizational Learning (MIT). Her current interests are Sustainable Development and empowering women to end their hunger.

brian.JPG  Dr. Brian Coleman
Brian, one of the founding partners of Simply Sustain LLC has over 25 years of experience, first 15 years with  Royal-Dutch/Shell in product analysis and testing, product development, and manufacturing support in the Netherlands and the UK. In the second phase of his career with Shell he gained experience of quality, change management, leadership development and management consulting in Belgium and the US. He received a PhD degree from Princeton and a Master of Science in Organization Development degree from American University. He has been a member of the American Chemical Society and the Organization Development Network. His current professional interests are focused on organizational transformation required for sustainable development.

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